Vitamin E Supplementation Under Assault

According to a recently published large study of the effect of Selenium and/or Vitamin E on prostate cancer risk, supplementing with Vitamin E alone actually increased the risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer within the following 10 years.

Different people will spin this news in different directions, of course, but I’d like to point out the basic chiropractic problem here. Why would one supplement with vitamin E?

Insurance? Already sick? Because you have a bad diet? Because you “heard it was good for…”

We already know what truly results in increased vitality and health. Let’s stop chasing shortcuts…

Instead, follow the tried and true healthy lifestyle approach:

1. Get appropriate sleep – too much or too little are both a problem

2. Eat a healthy diet – Get professional advice from Alison Hopkins at on this subject.

3. Get regular exercise – Get some professional direction on getting the most out of your valuable exercise time from Morgan Gerhart at

4. Maintenance – You don’t drive your car into the ground without maintaining it, and doing that to your body makes even less sense. Get an adjustment, massage, dental etc. (We don’t have a dentist in the group yet, but I’m working on it.)

See me, Edward Harriott for chiropractic to restore your innate musculoskeletal balance and reset your neurologic “awareness of your position in space”. This is a known factor in maximizing and maintaining performance and function.

And, of course, Laurie Halperin or Peter Neurad (also at will both provide the most healthful massage you will find in South OC. The health benefits of “healing touch” have never been challenged.

5. Positive attitude – This requires some homework in learning how to manage stress in healthy ways, but Richard can certainly help with managing stress by using acupuncture to properly re-channel your inner life energy energy, what they call “Qi” in Chinese Medicine, for better healing and function.

These basic elements of a healthy lifestyle depend on one another. You need all of them.

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