Sound Activated Voice Recorder to Screen for Sleep Apnea, Teeth Grinding

San Mateo Chiropractor, Reza Abusaidi recently uploaded information in his San Mateo Chiropractic blog about a new iphone app called Night Recorder. This app is available in the apple app store for $2.99. It is ostensibly intended to help you to determine if you are grinding your teeth at night.

I am really excited about the idea and as an android user, I immediately looked in the Android Marketplace but alas, I have come up empty handed.  I was told by the developer of Livo Pro are working to develop a voice activation feature in their voice app but they have no planned release date. As as of this date, I have not been able to find an android app that will record upon sound activation and then shut off with silence.

If you are a Windows Pocket PC user, the Yoho Voice Recorder application has voice activation.

Why would this be so great?  Well, teeth grinding is a significant dental problem and it contributes to a lot of temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ).  If I had a patient with TMJ, besides treatment, I would immediate advise them to record themselves in sleep for several days to see if they are grinding.  That would then lead to an oral orthotic to eliminate or mitigate the problem.

Another big problem that this would help detect would be sleep apnea.  This is a problem that a lot of people have.  It is more prevalent in the overweight population, however even those who are not overweight can suffer from sleep apnea.  In sleep apnea, the patient stops breathing during sleep.  Typically a result of soft tissue blockage in the oropharyngeal region, this apnea results in a low oxygenation of the body in sleep, which will elevate the heart rate and eventually the primitive survival centers kick in and the person gasps for breath breathing very heavy and subsequently relaxing only to repeat the cycle.  This contributes to abnormally shallow and non-restful sleep (sleep deprivation), mental fogginess, high blood pressure and enlargement of the heart.  This is a very serious condition that needs to be screened for for anyone who is overweight.

A sound activated recorder on a phone would be a very inexpensive way to check for grinding, sleep apnea or just to prove that your spouse snores too :)

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