Sound Activated Voice Recorder for Android

Quite some time ago, I posted about the use of a sound activated voice recorder application in the iphone App Store called Night Recorder to determine snoring, grinding, sleep apnea events during sleep.  I was frustrated that I couldn’t find such an application in the Android Marketplace. See the post here:

Well, I just received an email from a reader in Germany who found just the application I was looking for in the Android Marketplace and was so kind as to write back to me about his find.

This app is called “AMon” and has a trial ad-supported version as well as a paid version.  I tried the app and it works very well.  Originally, the app would dial out to a specified phone number after a threshhold noise volume level is triggered, however it was updated to now record the audio event to the onboard SD Card storage.

I urge anyone interested in knowing whether they are grinding or snoring or halting their breathing in their sleep to try this out.

By the way, sleep apnea is a serious situation requiring medical consultation, since it causes you to stop breathing in your sleep, then your heart races to try to keep the body oxygenated before you finally start breathing again.  When you are affected by this sleep behavior, you will do this repeatedly through the night, leaving you tired, mentally foggy, irritable, etc.  Worse yet is the potential damage that occurs over time to your heart (cardiomyopathy)


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