Practical Tips to PREVENT Breast CA

You  Can Actually Do Something to PREVENT Breast Cancer

It is important to be vigilant in detecting breast cancer because early treatment correlates with a greater chance of beating it.  But some simple lifestyle changes will go a long way to avoiding cancer of all types. Things we all can do include:

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid exposure to Plastics (xenoestrogens, such as phthalates and BPA). These chemicals mimic natural estrogen, which is a breast cancer promoter. So, stay away from food heated in the microwave in plastic containers. Switch to stainless steel and/or cast iron cookware and get rid of those coated non-stick surfaces and plastic cooking tools.
  • Avoid Sugar. Stable insulin levels are critical in the prevention of cancer. A primary way to lower your insulin levels is to avoid sugar, especially fructose, as well as grains (even organic grains). Aside from causing insulin resistance, all forms of sugar also promote cancer. Fructose, however, is clearly one of the most harmful and should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Avoid charred Meats. Charcoal or flame broiled meat is linked with increased breast cancer risk.  Acrylamide—a carcinogen created when starchy foods are baked, roasted or fried—has been found to increase breast cancer risk as well.
  • Avoid unfermented soy products. Unfermented soy is high in plant estrogens, or phytoestrogens, also known as isoflavones. In some studies, soy appears to work in concert with human estrogen to increase breast cell proliferation, which increases the chances for mutations and cancerous cells.

Things to Add:

  • Optimize your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D influences virtually every cell in your body and is one of nature’s most potent cancer fighters. Vitamin D is actually able to enter cancer cells and trigger apoptosis (normal cell death by “natural causes” and/or in accordance with the “normal cell aging schedule”). When JoEllen Welsh, a researcher with the State University of New York at Albany, injected a potent form of vitamin D into human breast cancer cells, half of them shriveled up and died within days. It was as effective as the toxic breast cancer drug Tamoxifen, without any of the detrimental side effects and at a tiny fraction of the cost. If you have cancer, your vitamin D level (plasma level, aka “blood level”) should be between 70 and 100 ng/ml. Vitamin D works synergistically with every cancer treatment I’m aware of, with no adverse effects.The best source of Vitamin D is by exposing your skin to safe amounts sunshine every day.
  • Get plenty of natural vitamin A. There is evidence that vitamin A also plays a roll in helping prevent breast cancer.Beware of using oral supplements as there’s some evidence that vitamin A can negate the benefits of vitamin D. Since appropriate vitamin D levels are crucial for your health in general, not to mention cancer prevention, this means that it’s essential to have the proper ratio of vitamin D to vitamin A in your body.Ideally, you’ll want to provide all the vitamin A and vitamin D substrates your body needs in such a way that your body can regulate both systems naturally. It’s best to obtain Vitamin A from vitamin A-rich foods, such as  colorful vegetables, organic egg yolks, raw butter, raw whole milk, and beef or chicken liver, rather than a supplement.
  • Drink a quart of organic green vegetable juice daily.
  • Get plenty of high quality animal-based omega-3 fats, such as krill oil. Omega-3 deficiency is a common underlying factor for cancer.
  • Take curcumin. This is the active ingredient in turmeric and in high concentrations can be very useful in the treatment of breast cancer. It shows immense therapeutic potential in preventing breast cancer metastasis. It’s important to know that curcumin is generally not absorbed that well, so to get the best benefit, add 1 tablespoon of pure turmeric (not curry powder as some have been shown to cntain very little curcumin) to 1 quart of boiling water and asslo it to continue to boil for 10 minutes.  Drink the cooled emulsion , but don’t store it as the turmeric falls out of solution over time.
Lifestyle changes:
  • Exercise.  Getting regular exercise is crucial to overall health and is a known preventive factor in avoiding cancer.  In addition to helping to lower your insulin levels, exercise will improve the function of all body systems, including reduction of depression,  anxiety and improved ability to handle stress in healthy way.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight. This will come naturally once you cut out sugar, fructose and grains, and start to exercise. It’s important to lose excess body weight because fat produces estrogen.


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